Recital Information

The dance recital will be held on Saturday, June 1, 2019. A $75.00,  non-refundable costume deposit for each class taken is due in October.  Combination classes (ballet/tap, etc) are considered 2  classes. All costume shops require that the order be paid at the time the  order is placed. Therefore, it is very important that your deposit be paid on or  before the due date. Thank you for your cooperation and please be prompt with  your payment. The studio does not profit from any costume  purchased

All students enrolled in classes are required to be in the Recital  and are expected to attend all REHEARSALS. Studio communications are sent home  closer to the recital with more detailed information. Dates for dress rehearsals and recital are provided to you early enough in  the year so you can plan family activities and vacations. Please mark you  calendars NOW so that conflicts don't occur.

Studio Rehearsals - NO COSTUMES 

ACT I - Wednesday, May 1
ACT II - Tuesday, May 7 

Dress Rehearsal - FULL COSTUMES & MAKEUP  - Wednesday, May 29 

Parent Workers - Dress Rehearsal/Recital 

At the Recital last year, we had a great team of working parents,  especially those for all of the baby classes. However, some years we have  experienced a shortage, which causes a strain on the parents who volunteer their  time and energy to work with their own child and their child's classes. Please  consider helping this year. We do have lots of fun and make great  friendships! It is not too early to sign up as a parent worker. Please call the studio.  They will be delighted to speak with you and place you with your child's class,  or where you will be most helpful. No parent is assigned to a responsibility  that they would be uncomfortable with. We strive to ensure that everyone is  pleased with his or her position. At Deborah's Dance Workshop, the Recital is a very important  memory in all of our lives, especially the children, complimenting all their  hard work and dedication throughout the year. It also provides parents with the  opportunity to work with their child. Our first and foremost priority is the  safety and comfort of your children. This procedure has been very successful and  it has presented us with solutions for the issues that occur.